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News stores newer than 3 years old (AITN are subsidiary articles to the main article)

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Childhood Cancer

2015-01-16 » IARC dismiss cancer and bad luck theory
2014-10-31 » Child cancer and power line corona

Electrical Hypersensitivity

2015-01-20 » EESC EHS Opinion - plenary vote January 2015
2015-01-06 » EESC calling for action on behalf of EHS sufferers
2014-11-04 » Europe starts to take EHS seriously
2014-10-29 »     AITN - Talks from the EU EHS hearing now available

EMF and Health

2015-06-28 » April 2015 - Science Update
2015-05-11 » International EMF Appeal
2015-04-28 » April 2015 - 2nd Science Update
2015-04-13 » April 2015 - Science Update
2015-03-06 » March 2015 - Science Update
2015-03-02 » New SCENIHR opinion on EMFs
2015-02-05 » Wifi banned from nurseries in France
2014-12-21 » Pointless WHO EHC consultation
2014-12-11 » Scientific press releases are often misleading
2014-12-10 » NYSUT hosts WiFi risks webinar
2014-12-10 »     AITN - SSITA met with the PHSO to discuss WiFi in schools
2014-12-02 » December 2014 - Science Update
2014-11-28 » Superb EMF science and health talk
2014-11-11 » Microwaves, Science and Lies
2014-11-03 » November 2014 - Science Update

Mobile Phones

2016-02-19 » Australian ABC TV Catalyst RF/WiFi documentary
2015-12-14 » Excellent new video and slide resources on RF and health
2015-03-08 » RF EMFs produce clear co-carcinogenic effects


2014-12-21 »     AITN - New York Times power line spin
2014-10-29 » EU power initiative ignores health issues

» View news stories older than three years old «

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