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Powerwatch Staff

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Powerwatch has no paid staff. Time is donated freely by academics and politicians from time to time, with the following three people producing the content and representing Powerwatch to the media and at relevant events.

Alasdair Philips, Scientific Director

Alasdair was one of the founders of Powerwatch in the 1980s and has been professionally engaged in radio and electronics for some 40 years and electromagnetic field and health sciences research for the last 20 years. He originally qualified in electronic engineering and designed the 'Powerwatch' instruments. He writes the technical parts of the books and represents Powerwatch on various official committees, etc.

Graham Lamburn, Technical Manager

Qualified in database administration and analysis, with a background in statistical maths, Graham joined the Powerwatch team in 2004 and has been responsible for managing the website, maintaining an up-to-date list of relevant scientific research, and acting as the media liaison officer.

Brenda Short, Legal Advisor

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